Firstly, a hat is not designed as a fashion statement but has since become exactly that.

We at SunProtectionHats believe a hat must serve its original purpose before making a statement… and that it is meant to protect you and your skin from the elements (particularly the sun).

Of course it is more than sun protection as a hat needs to be comfortable and offer other factors to make it a top ranking hat.

So without further ado let’s look at what makes a world class hat.

UPF 50+ Sun Protection At Its Maximum

Tilley hats come certified at UPF 50+ which is the highest given rate possible. This essentially means that your skin can be exposed to the sun 50 times longer than without any protection.

Highest level of protection

UPF: Ultraviolet Protection Factor.

Ventilation & Comfort

Being protected by the sun is a necessity but not the only factor to consider. Comfort is important, if a hat is not comfortable the first thing you are going to do is remove it and result in no more protection of the sun.

Therefore, allowing your hat to breath is important. Tilley hats are made with AIRFLO mesh situated at the top rim of the hat (all the way around) to allow hot air to escape and give your head some air to breathe while keeping it cool.

Breathing hat for comfort

The mesh is designed to allow air out but still prevent most of any UV rays coming in. Some UV rays may enter but that is only unto 2%… The other 98% is reflected outwards for maximum protection.

Even More Comfort

Sweat is an other uncomfortable thing to experience when wearing a hat and often we remove the hat to wipe off the sweat which further exposes us to harmful rays. Tilley incorporates and anti-sweat band that is made of soft, comfortable band that wicks perspiration away from your forehead.

Convenience & Practical

Next on the list is Tilley’s secret pocket at the crown of the hat. With a Velcro seal, you are able to open the secret compartment and stow things like cash, credit cards, hotel key and even a fishing license… no one would even think about looking there!

Protect your assets with a secret compartment

Glare Protection

Underbrim protection is very important, especially when around water where UV rays reflect off the water, sand, snow, pavements etc and reach your face in an upward direction.
Tilley hat makers have even considered this scenario by having a dark underbrim to reduce the glare by absorbing it and protecting your eyes and face.

Fits Like A Glove

With so many different head sizes, one of the biggest challenges for Tilley was to create a system that fitted like a glove on your head, but yet stayed on your head. With an adjustable tuck away cord system you can tighten your hat with comfort (no painful pressure) and it will stay in place in high winds.

100% Guaranteed

Should your Tilley hat discolor, wear out, fall apart, shrink or mildews, then they will send you a free replacement… no questions asked.

Further Information

For a visual representation of what the best hat in the world looks like (at least in our opinion), we present you the below graphics courtesy of Tilley.

The best hat in the world by Tilley