I couldn’t find any hat related tinder pickup lines so I thought I would think one up.

Let’s try:
“Hey, do you have a hat or a cap?”
If she answers “hat”, then you say:
“Oh, that’s hawt!”

Unfortunately that is a horrible pickup line and will likely never work. In fact, if you were to use that pickup line on a girl she would likely say: “What? I don’t get it” and immediately un-match you on the site.

That’s why when I discovered this new Sub-Reddit all about Tinder pickup lines called: https://www.reddit.com/r/BestTinderPickupLines/ I was ecstatic. This is a place where people try and post their successful pickup lines for others to enjoy. I plan on using it to embellish my repertoire of lines that I can use because we all know I can certainly use it.

Not to mention, it’s fairly fun to read during the holidays when everyone is being so serious! So check it out, I spent hours laughing at some of the best ones listed on there.

For instance, here is a REALLY cheesy one that made me laugh:

Oh boy, I may be bad at Tinder but I’m going to be great at making dad jokes.

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