We are the guys that produce clothing, accessories and hat for protection from the sun, that is our number one goal and always will be.

However, we also understand that wearing our items for making statements can be a lot of fun, particularly for grabbing the attentions of others.

There is this new trend going around about what is the best clothing for nightclubs, as in, what clothing will get you the most attention!

Ironically the hat, an item originally designed to protect you from the sun, is the most popular piece of clothing that grabs the most attention in clubs, particularly the trilby hat.

However, there is a catch. It would appear that women can pull off the look much more successfully than men. The Rat Pack were the ones who brought the trilby into fashion and added a class of sophistication in that era. However, in 2018 the modern man looks out of place wearing one in a night club… giving the impression they are trying too hard to portray this air of Rat Pack mystery and just come across as silly.

But the moment a woman has one on (even at night in a club) then the rules suddenly change. They somehow produce the vibe of being mysterious, confident and intellectual, all at the same time and even though the say men are intimidated by women who may be more intelligent and sophisticated, the truth is, nothing could be further from the truth.
A confident man (even a less intelligent one) will always take on the challenge to picking up a woman who is “better” than he is. This is something that will not intimidate a man at the time, it is only when a relationship develops does a man’s insecurities kick in and the inferiority complexes begin.

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