SunProtectionHats.Com is a small Internet store tightly focused upon special-purpose hats and related products for active people, outdoors. We are one of a group of sites owned and operated in California, a suburb just South of San Diego. We do not charge sales tax for orders shipping outside of the state of California.

Our online store caters to active folks that enjoy being outdoors in the sun, which is a fair description of ourselves. Living in San Diego it’s sunny most of the time, and we try to make the most of the great weather. We travel often to the Southern tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. There the Noonday sun can be fierce and temperatures soar well above 100F for much of the day, for much of the year.

We personally use many products you find on and The selections represent our own preferences in hats and related products for hot, sunny weather. We’re careful in our choices. We look for high quality products, items that look appropriate to the activity for which they are worn, and most particularly items that provide excellent protection from damaging rays of the sun.

We always appreciate hearing from our customers. If you have reason to communicate with us you will find that, as a small company, you can easily reach a real person in our fullfillment center with authority. We’ll be pleased to answer questions, deal with problems, or just give you that added piece of information that lets you make a decision as to the suitability of our product to your intended use.

Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your business.