Man wearing hat to look good for the ladies

We all know that sun protection is important, but how often do we even consider it when we go out? As we get older we notice that we cannot tolerate the heat as well as we used to, but yet we do not always listen to the warning systems our body is telling us.

We at Sun Protection Hats understand that life gets in the way and we have too many things to worry about which often results in neglecting the things we shouldn’t.

So we came up with the ingenious concept of integrating a protection system into our hats and clothing… something we all put on when we go out (at least I hope we all do!)

clothing that attracts women and repels the sun
Turn heads with multi-tech clothing… both practical and eye catching

Take a look below at some of our products that are not only designed for protecting your skin, but also have varying elements of fashion incorporated so that not only can you feel good about yourself, but also look good and attractive for others around you. Who doesn’t want to turn heads!!

As we said, we are bundling everything within our clothing so you can turn heads, make people smile and feel confident and sexy.

Women’s Hats

We offer women’s sun hats that combind Sun Protection and Fashion into one. Hats have wide brims and come in a range of features such as fabrics and colors. Our Women’s Sun Hats block up to 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, and are UPF 50+ rated (equivalent to SPF 30).

However, although the brim of the hat is specifically designed to protect your skin, our team of researches have also looked into the science of chemistry and how different shapes hats can make you look better and more attractive to the opposite sex for different occasions.

Men’s Hats

And for you men, you are in for a treat. Research shows that women love men in a hat and here is why.

Hats (and we mean real hats – not baseball caps) bring an element of mystery and intrigue and therefore convey a far more interesting impression to the ladies. This often leads to women actually opening to you and starting a conversation by saying things like “Hey great hat, I love it”… and this is where you reply in an affectionate non arrogant way “It’s not the hat you like”… and then starts the banter!

So there you have it, a hat could bring the start of a wonderful relationship.

For All Our Hats

Most of our sun protection hats are crushable for easy packing. Find Hats from Physician Endorsed Hats, Tilley Endurables, Watership Trading Companie, and Sunday Afternoons.

Feel protected yet confident and sexy while going around your business. Do not be surprised if you get complimented by strangers.

What Does A Hat Say About You?

Looking good & feeling good

Here is where a hat does the talking for you. Hats simply transform who you are and gives others a certain impression about you… even if they may not be true.

So what do certain hats say about you?

Let’s take a look at three hat types we have on sale and the story it tells others about you.

The Porkpie Hat

Porkpie – sophisticated & sexy

This hat opens up your face of worn squarely on the head which allows the front hair to peak out slightly giving a unique trendy look.

What does it say about you?

Wearing this hat suggests you are strong, powerful, sophisticated, cultures and having a passion for the finer things in life… now go to your cocktail bar and have a mellowed whisky!

The Trilby

Frank Sinatra wore the Trilby

This is one of those ironic hats. Rather than dressing up with it, it works well when dressing down, such as a casual blazer or plain v-neck shirt… it is all about being casual and smart at the same time.

What does it say about you?

This accessory tells people that you are confident but yet mysterious. Moreover, it portrays you are a passionate lover as well as someone interested to talk to… there is a reason why Frank Sinatra & James Bond both wore them.

The Flat Cap

Smooth talking & confident

Probably one of the most trendy headwear out there. This one goes with pretty much any outfit such as going out to a BBQ to a entertaining in a stylish party.

What does it say about you?

You are confident and smooth talking. You are a man’s man, so why not just act it while wearing it?

Do it enough times and you will believe in your confidence…

Do not forget, we also offer other products on offer, not just hats… such as out Travel Blazer.

Travel Blazer

Let’s not forget, there is a reason why it is termed “Travel Blazer”. While travelling, your clothing gets one hell of a beating from all the different stained chairs your sit on, to your own sweat to spilling food on you. But yet you are expected to make your journey, arrive at a meeting looking all fresh and cleaned up.

We at Sun Protect, thought it was only fair to assist with men who find themselves in this dilemma. So we designed the “Tilley City Collection Travel Blazer” with the following specification, that provide tons of pocket space, wrinkle resistant, a variety of colours and stain/spill resistant to allow for quick cleaning of spot stains.

Look good no matter what, life always takes you to unexpected places

Whether your final destination is a business meeting across the country, or meeting your new lady near by… why not arrive in style and make a huge first impression, after all I am confident she will find you irresistible and physically attractive for years to come.

This is where we are at our best. Providing protection in hot sunny areas such as beaches where people tend to expose their delicate skin to the sun.

There is always a time when sun bathing needs a break and you need to cover yourself up to get a drink at the bar or walk in the streets.